About Us


Natural Product Manufacturer of Herbal Remedies

Growing Blue Flowers is a natural product manufacturer of herbal remedies with the intention of serving in holistic healing. In 1998, Growing Blue Flowers sprang up from our dedication to providing quality remedies from our store of knowledge collected from cultures around the world.

We build on our knowledge and understanding of natural blends each year from living in harmony with nature and staying abreast of research into natural ingredients. Growing Blue Flowers also supports fair trade, sustainability, no animal testing, and quality service.

Founder, Estella Yeung

The Founder of Growing Blue Flowers, Estella Yeung, was born and raised in Hong Kong where Chinese medicine was the focal point of healing. This provided a solid foundation in understanding holistic practices, which fostered additional research, learning, and herbal product development throughout her life.

She went on to spend 9 years exploring ancient remedies in Europe where she found nature and cultural connections throughout the continent that brought additional discoveries to her bailiwick of herbal lore.

Ms. Yeung’s quest inspired her to build her home in the United States where she found herself drawn to the Dakota community. After her long association with this beautiful culture, she became aware that an exchange had taken place.

Through her individual perspective, Ms. Yeung sees similarities in diverse cultures and blends them smoothly into a universal way of being that she calls, simply, “Living in Harmony with Nature.”

Product Research & Development

Through extensive research from China, Europe, Canada, and the United States, we pride ourselves on conducting research that drives new product development each year. Since our formation, our research has been the foundation for many unique recipes and a wide range of natural personal use products.

No Animal Testing – No Way… The only animals we test products on, are our two-legged friends and neighbors. They tell us what works and what doesn’t. From this we strive to continually improve all aspects of our products for long-term satisfaction in a product you can depend on. If you should have an insight into one of our products or a recommendation for us, please Contact Us directly. We are open to hearing from our customers and flourish in the knowledge that we are helping you live sustainable lives, too.


Moving towards sustainability is a social challenge. Here at Growing Blue Flowers, we focus on local resources, individual lifestyles, and ethical consumerism that conserve natural resources as a way of serving our populations and the planet. Responsibility IS sustainability. Addressing the growing scarcity of resources that we currently use and improving the quality of air we breathe, as well as the quality of the world around us, results in a planet that is able to support life well into the future. This is our goal at Growing Blue Flowers.