Salves & Balms


Salves, Balms – $13.00 to $15.00 (2 oz.)
Travel Size – $4.00 (0.25 oz.)


Herbal Salve
Mentholated Balm
Itch Ease Salve

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Herbal Salve – High quality oil treated with all natural herbs. Effective with minor cuts, burns, and rashes. Particularly popular for use in the treatment of sunburns.
Additional uses: Dry, Chapped Hand, Splitting Heel, Cold Sore, Insect Bites.

Mentholated Balm – Acclaimed for use with minor muscle aches.
Additional uses: Chest Congestion, Coughs.

Itch Ease Salve – An all-natural herbal blend to reduce itching due to inflammation.
Additional uses: Replacement for Calamine lotion.

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Herbal Salve (2 oz), Herbal Salve (0.25 oz) -$7.00, Mentholated Balm (2 oz), Mentholated Balm (0.25 oz) -$7.00, Itch Ease Salve (2 oz), Itch Ease Salve (0.25 oz) -$7.00


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