These are just some of the nice things our customers have said to us.

“I have had Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for many years. One night when my RLS flared up, I applied Stress Ease Rub. Minutes after I applied it, my legs relaxed and I was able to fall asleep. I have used it regularly since. I love Stress Ease Rub and have made sure that I always have a back-up jar so that I don’t run out.”

“I love your products because of your choice to use the natural medicines of Cedar, Sage, Sweetgrass and Buffalo Tallow. I feel wild! The scents are alluring and carry the magic and prayers of the universe. Pidamiyaye.”

“I have been using Growing Blue Flowers products for more than 6 years. Our family uses Stress Ease on a regular basis, as well as the buffalo tallow soaps, insect repellant and bath salts. These products are of excellent quality and ingredients.”
–Pamela Standing

“I use the buffalo tallow muscle rub on a regular basis. I am a nurse and spend hours on my feet. My feet used to ache so bad, but now I apply the muscle rub before each shift and I no longer have a problem! I don’t know what you put in it, but I think it’s magic! I love it!!”

“I have found that the Stress Ease Rub helps with headache symptoms. When I get the kind of headache that leaves my temples aching, I use Stress Ease Rub for relief. Try it, you will not be disappointed.”
–Sandy White Hawk

“I have used Growing Blue Flowers’ products for seven years. They are made with high-quality botanicals and natural products with prayer. They truly rejuvenate me and heal me. I trust these products for my young son and now most of my family uses these products too.”
–Shannon BadWarrior-Petersen

“Growing Blue Flowers’ Sage & Cedar Mist has proven to be a huge hit. Not only does it give my home a refreshing and invigorating smell, I also is use it in our offices and nursing home rooms to cleanse and uplift the air/energy. This is a wonderful product that helps the residents.”
–Rabiah Al Nur

“I can’t recommend highly enough the Stress Ease Muscle Rub. It is fantastic for after workouts of any kind, as well as being safe to use on children who are experiencing growing pains. The wonderful smell is not over-powering and it leaves no greasy residue.”

“I live in upstate New York, where we have a large mosquito population. I have been using the Insect Repellant all summer and I can’t remember getting even one bite. I also use it on my camping trips—no bites! It’s awesome and works great!” 

“After a long day walking around in high heels, my legs and knees were killing me. I massaged them with your ‘miracle’ Stress Relief Massage balm—it was fantastic!!! I had a great night sleep and no more aches and pain this morning. I highly recommended this product! ”

“I thoroughly enjoy Growing Blue Flowers products. It is wonderful to find a website full of TRULY all natural products. My favorites include the herbal shampoo and stress balm. In this age of organic products, I think Growing Blue Flowers stands out from the rest.”
–Dr. Adrienne Cwiak

“Growing Blue Flowers has a wonderful product line. These products are healthy and made from natural ingredients and most importantly, they smell terrific! The herbs used in the products are very fragrant—like being in the woodlands, verdant and green! I highly recommend these products.”
–Deborah Mosby